Meet Amy

It’s as if her whole life was leading up to the perfect destiny and a life of purpose. Meet Amy Buck Boyer and the company she envisioned years ago, that’s come to fruition. CHANGING LIVES BAS and Amy Buck Boyer can help you because she has walked in your shoes. Read on to learn about her journey…

Maybe you know that feeling. Amy Buck Boyer certainly is no stranger to it. It’s that complicated rush of emotions, frustration, anxiety, fear, exasperation, sadness that hits you when your loved one with autism is triggered into another “episode.” No matter how many “incidents” you have under your belt, that initial flood of feelings never goes away. Amy can tell you firsthand about the many episodes like “grocery store melt-downs” that were just a fact of life for her and her family.

Firsthand Perspective

Amy has had a lifetime dealing with this as she watched her brother, Bryan, who is diagnosed with autism, struggle with day-to-day life. She does not know life without autism. As a sibling, it was perplexing, sometimes embarrassing. She and her sisters couldn’t have friends over like other kids. The focus was on Bryan 24/7, as they dealt with his meltdowns in department stores and his way of communicating his frustrations by destroying property. They struggled to find out what was triggering him (Bryan couldn’t tell them), as well as placing the routine calls to the police to help find and/or contain Bryan. But through it all, her love for Bryan never wavered, in fact, it grew. She learned to be more patient and cope better. Now as his care giver, he is a big part of her and her husband’s world. “Bryan is my teacher,” explains Amy. “He has taught me so much.”

Inspired Life Path

In fact, Bryan was the inspiration for Amy to pursue her Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, with an emphasis in Autism Spectrum Disorder. He inspired her to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and devote her life to helping individuals and their families struggling with the challenges of autism. He helped her find her calling, in fact, her passion. “I absolutely love what I do,” explains Amy. “I find it so fulfilling helping families with their unique challenges, the same challenges my family and I navigated.”

Knowledgeable and Respected

Spend some time talking with Amy and you can see she is not only passionate about her work, but she is incredibly knowledgeable. Besides her master’s degree, she has years of experience managing clinics and serving as Regional Director for a large service provider. She stays on the cutting edge of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and is regularly sought out to consult and advise schools and other organizations on the subject. She is respected for her unique views and perspectives on focusing on positive treatment, as well as the strategic and innovative way she involves the parents, who are empowered to become active participants in effecting positive CHANGE in their family’s story.

Changing Lives, One at a Time

Amy’s true passion is making a difference in people’s lives, helping them (and their beleaguered families) improve their situation one step at a time. Amy explains, “It’s been my lifelong dream to do this work, starting my own company was a natural step.” It’s no accident that Amy chose “Changing Lives” as her company name. The main difference in Amy’s approach is in how she and her highly trained team incorporate the parents as well as the individuals in her programs to empower the family to help manage the positive change they seek.

Amy Understands and Can Help

Amy Buck Boyer understands that it’s virtually impossible to truly communicate the emotions, feelings and challenges that parents and siblings of children with autism go through. From the initial diagnosis to the daily struggle to help, love and care for the individual, it’s a lifelong roller coaster ride. With Amy, you’ve got a friend, ally and a resource to turn to! Call Amy today for a consultation to find out how she and her team can empower positive change in your life!