Bryan is the true inspiration behind the mission of Changing Lives and has been an integral part of the organization since its beginning.


Dealing with autism was often very difficult for Bryan as many of the environments that he was in did not willingly cater to his needs. Growing up, he was frequently picked on in school because of his tendency to become overwhelmed by situations that overstimulated him. Bryan would become so frustrated that he often ran away and isolated himself from those around him.

A Proud Moment

Fast forward a few years and Bryan proudly walked across the stage at his high school to receive his diploma. A proud moment for not only his family, but for Bryan himself. Bryan’s journey up to that day was what made this successful moment so special for the Buck family and an exciting sign of things to come with the Changing Lives organization.

Bryan’s success is owed to his dedication in school and his school’s commitment to make it a comfortable environment for Bryan. He was always dedicated and just needed the support of those around him to discover his talent and that he really loved school.

Bryan’s Legacy

Bryan passed away in the Fall of 2017 and although he is dearly loved and missed, his legacy lives on through Changing Lives as he continues to impact families raising autistic children. Bryan showed us the level of success that is possible with the right resources and determination to achieve what many deemed impossible. Bryan’s life will continue to inspire and improve and families that are impacted by autism as his life is the heartbeat of the Changing Lives organization.

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