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ABA Therapy


Center-based therapy allows individuals to work on goals in a segregated environment where professionals are present and trained in supporting the individual and his/her goals. Center-based therapy is the ideal program to allow an individual to work on personal goals in a private setting.


Home-based therapy allows the individual to work on goals that involve family life. The only thing consistent about family life is that it is inconsistent despite one’s best efforts to provide a consistent routine. Home-based therapy is the ideal program to allow an individual to work on being part of a family!


Community-based therapy allows the individual to work on goals that involve belonging to a community. An individual’s community is the optimal training ground to work on and accomplish goals that will increase independence and autonomy. Community-based therapy is the ideal program to work on positively impacting one’s community.

Specialized Programs

Autism Diagnostics Testing

Parent/Family Training

School Integration & Training

Social Skills Training

ABA Training

Specialized Training

Speech Development

Summer Camps

Coordination of Care

(attending Dr. / Therapist appointments)

Autism Diagnostic Testing

Wondering if your child has autism? We can help! Changing Lives Behavior Analysis Services offers diagnostic evaluation and clinical testing. Our clinical diagnostic team works together to get families answers with little to no wait time.

Parent Training

Amy personally understands the value of equipping parents with the skills needed to empower positive life change for their family. She understands the reality of what happens in homes after hours when the support leaves. The clinical team at CHANGING LIVES works individually with families and trains them on the unique needs of their child. Going a step further, CHANGING LIVES offers educational classes for parents and family members on the basic principles of ABA. The goal is for participating families to develop an understanding of these principles and learn how to apply them in combination with their loved one’s individualized plan to empowering positive life change for their family.

Therapeutic Day Treatment Program

The program’s treatment strategies will focus on helping learners:

  • Control aggression/anger by replacing with socially significant behaviors.
  • Enhance communication, social, and interpersonal skills.
  • Make healthy choices and better decisions.
  • Improve daily living skills, impulse control, peer relations, and problem-solving.
  • Improve community responsibility.
  • Improve learner’s overall well-being by fostering an environment where the learner can thrive.
  • Increase academic engagement by supervising and working with the learner on academic requirements provided by a licensed teacher (from school).

Growing Hands Developmental Program

This developmental program is designed for neurotypical children (ages 3-5), children with autism and other disabilities. The program focuses on a variety of skill sets: social and emotional development, gross and fine motor developmental, character skills, and an introduction of academic work skills. The children in this program are given the opportunity to strengthen the acceptance and understanding of differences.

I didn’t think I would see much of a change in my child with ABA, but as I do. One thing that I notice with my daughter is that she is not afraid to try to things on her own. She has gained a sense of “independence”. She is calmer and although she still has occasional behaviors, her every waking moment is not fill with chaos. I can see that the staff CARE.

C.W. Welch