Why Are We Different

At CHANGING LIVES BAS, we do things a little differently.

But small differences can make all the difference when it comes to your child.

Applied Behavior Analysis is used by many service providers and centers in helping individuals with autism. It’s based on the work of the renowned psychologist and proponent of Behaviorism, B.F. Skinner.

When it comes to selecting the right help for your child, different centers and service providers have slightly different perspectives on applying ABA to help your child. At CHANGING LIVES BAS, we are different in three main ways.

Focus on positive reinforcement/training.

First is the emphasis on positive based training. “Positive programming is where learning occurs,” explains CEO Amy Buck Boyer. We at Changing Lives BAS focus on teaching children the skills they need, which results in behavior change. We positively reinforce the newly acquired skills to increase the likelihood that they will occur in the future. The focus on the positive approach replaces the need for punitive punishment procedures. Using punishment when positive reinforcement would be more effective can be damaging to individuals.

Amy invites you to call her and she can explain all about this perspective and how it’s conducted.

Amy and her team take time to show the parents some of the principles and reinforcement methods.

Secondly, at CHANGING LIVES BAS, even though it’s a little more work for her and her team, as well as a little more involvement and work for the parents, Amy and her team actually take time to teach the parents the principles of ABA they use to help the child, with the goal that the parent can implement the ongoing treatment of their child and become empowered to help change their own lives.

CEO/Owner Amy, is invested in each client. Her life experience sets her apart from other service providers.

Lastly, A powerful concept and game changer, Amy stays invested with each and every client to support, teach and help navigate the challenges associated with raising a child with autism. Her personal life experience of caring for her brother with autism has given Amy skills that you cannot learn in an educational setting. Her life experience sets her apart from other service providers.


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