What’s in a Name?
It’s Everything!

For Amy Buck Boyer and the CHANGING LIVES team, the name is their mission statement.

The CHANGING LIVES BAS mission statement is built right into the company’s name. Their complete focus is on helping families with children with autism to empower positive change in their everyday lives through Applied Behavior Analysis services.

The Founder and CEO, Amy Buck Boyer, was inspired to start her company after living her whole life experiencing how autism affects a family. Her brother, Bryan, was diagnosed with autism, and she had a front row seat to the challenges the entire family faced when Bryan would have an episode, or a grocery store meltdown, or he would get frustrated and try to communicate by destroying things. Calling the police to find and/or contain Bryan was a regular occurrence.

Amy’s brother, Bryan, is her teacher and inspiration for her life career path.

“Bryan was my teacher,” explains Amy. “He also inspired me to pursue my Masters Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, with an emphasis on Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Amy worked in the industry out of college, eventually working her way up to serving as a Regional Director for a large service provider. Her background in the industry is extensive and she is highly regarded and respected for her knowledge and experience.

Amy’s goal ever since a kid has been to eventually open her own company. She has a slightly different approach to helping children with Autism, and her company, CHANGING LIVES BAS, differs slightly in two key ways. First is the emphasis on positive based training. “I strive to focus on the positive training perspective,” explains Amy. “I understand some facilities don’t have the exact same perspective, or don’t have the resources, perhaps, but I am a strong proponent of this method.” (Amy invites you to call her and she can explain all about this perspective and how it’s conducted.)

Secondly, Amy and her team differ from other facilities in the manner in which she brings the entire family into the picture. “To me,” Amy explains, “other facilities can help your child and achieve levels of success at the facility, which is good. But the challenge is that when the child returns home to the family environment, or the service provider leaves for the day, the problem behavior is back. It’s like the success was only partial or temporary.” Amy approaches things differently. She actually does training and consulting with the family, giving them training on ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). Basically, this empowers them and shows them how to apply what she is utilizing so that the parents can help facilitate the ongoing positive training and benefits. “It’s a little more work for both sides, but the longterm positive effects are incredibly empowering and life changing,” says Amy.

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Amy invites you to look over her website, learn how her company is different and how she and her team can empower positive change in you and your child’s lives. Sign up for a free, no-obligation consultation, or fill out the form to enroll your child today.

Applied Behavior Analysis has been the recognized treatment of choice for children with Autism since 1999. Under Amy’s expert guidance and implementation of that treatment, positive change can happen for you and your child.